Retiring For Now

Edit 1:  I’ve removed the vast majority of posts and kept most of the guest posts from the other writers.  Most of the incoherent ramblings were removed.   I’ve stopped writing here.  I don’t have much interest in travel all of a sudden.  I think this publication has served its purpose in keeping me focused in getting […]

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For the Love of the Game

An online poker player’s survival guide when relocating to a different country 2011 wasn’t a good year for online poker players. Imagine eating a scrumptious slice of cake, only to have someone take it away from you as you take the last bite. That’s exactly how America felt when the U.S. government shut down all […]

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Whitehaven, Whitsunday's Panoramic

The Mother of all Pub Crawls: East Coast Australia

[Always the ‘good-times’ post, Steven Moore returns to give his knowledge of Australian pub crawls.  His first post, “Welcome to the Jungle,’ gave a nice intro to this nomad.  You can read about his travels at his blog Twenty-first Century Nomad.  Soon, he is leaving the safe-haven of an island in Thailand and heading to […]

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Sidhartha Panoramic

The Twenty-First Century Nomad Presents: Welcome To The Jungle

[Keep the Corona on your desk and your flip-flops on, as Steven Moore–the Twenty-First Century Nomad, approaches your Generation Passport cubicle.  This guy has been to more countries than there are American states; he has made the wall-of-fame with a biography in the about section.  Give a round of applause as we listen to Steven’s version […]

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So You Want to Be a Perpetual Nomad? Five Considerations.

[Fasten your seat belts and check your exits as Leslie boards flight Generation Passport again;  We’re sure to get a lot of hits.  Leslie’s advice on solo female travel is featured on the front page and is something the male contributors here simply cannot provide you.  She has added the contributor badge to her website and you […]

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Seven Lessons Learned as a Solo Female Traveler

[String up those hammocks and relax yourself for a Thai massage, as writer Leslie joins the International Generation from Thailand.  Her work has appeared in, Marie Claire, Hemispheres Magazine, Monocle and The WIP among other publications.  Leslie has been so kind to share her tips on solo travel; her bio is now featured in the about section.] By opening up and doing […]

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Move Abroad to Get Ahead

[Generation Passport welcomes Will, currently of Mexico City.  He has been immortalized in the about section.  If you would like to be a part of the International Generation, you will also receive a permanent biography and picture in the about section.] If like me, you have the patience of junkie that hasn’t had a fix […]

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